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Over the past eight years, the Lord has led me to create over 170 "video teachings" dealing with various biblical topics. Each is between 3-5 minutes and combines a narrative, still images, and in some cases, full motion video. Each has been uploaded to YouTube and to date, as a group, have received nearly 48,000 views worldwide. These videos can be used as a daily devotional or topic for individual or group bible study. Each video, although a short 3-5 minutes, takes on average 4-6 hours to complete. What follows is a sampling of these teaching videos. Enjoy and shalom. 

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Spiritual Warfare or Prayer... 

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Please consider donating to LWCM so it may continue to produce these teaching videos, which to date, have been viewed nearly 110,000 times worldwide. Each video typically takes between 4-6 hours to complete a

3-5 minute teaching. The link below will bring you to a short video which provides insight to the actual process of creating a teaching.

Thank you for helping support God's work. Shalom  

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