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Several years ago, while in prayer, the Lord revealed to me that I would preach to thousands! Immediately, I had visions of standing in the pulpit of a mega-church preaching to the multitudes. Although I’ve stood in many a pulpit and preached many a message, it was never in front of thousands. My experience however didn't change in any way what God had shared with me. Although I must confess, I was a bit confused as to how God would deliver on His promise.

Right around the same time I started creating short, 3 - 5 minute teaching videos which were comprised of graphics and accompanying narration, all of which were scripture-based. I enjoyed both the spiritual and creative aspects of authoring these videos. To make a very long story short, some seven years later, I have created over 170 of these teachings which have experienced nearly 90,000 views by people literally all over the world! I never realized I'd minister to "thousands" via the digital medium of the Internet. His ways are certainly higher than ours!

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