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Our Therapy Dog Patches is a very special dog. For this reason, we want to share him with the world! We adopted Patches from Noah's Ark Rescue in Ridgeland, SC three years ago. The minute my husband and I laid eyes on Patches, we fell in love with him. His story was not always a happy one. Patches was found in the city of Chester, SC walking the streets with a severely wounded rear left leg. Some ugly soul had shot him! In fact, according to the Vet, he had been shot several times and still has "buckshot" throughout his body. The bullets had shattered the bones in the leg. Thank God, Noah's Ark came to the rescue. His leg was reconstructed with the aid of "bars and pins." The surgery was costly, with Noah's Ark spending in excess of $27,000. After four months with us, Patches seemed to be in pain. We called Noah's Ark and they had him examined and x-rayed. The diagnosis was that one of the pins in his leg had become loose which required surgery to correct. That surgery took place and was successful. He has been through much, but loves everyone he meets. We knew from the moment we met that he was a special dog. For nearly a year, I searched for information on how he could become a Certified Therapy Dog. Finally, after passing a three plus hour qualifying test, he was certified through Therapy Dogs International (TDI) the summer of 2015. As Patches was rescued and blessed, he is now being used to bless the needy and lonely in many assisted living facilities and Hospice Centers.

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